About the gallery

The portrait gallery of the University of Tampere introduces the University’s rectors, chancellors and some of its directors of administration. The portraits take the viewer on a journey to the University’s history and shed light on its growth from the School of Social Sciences into a versatile university and community of people who understand the world and change it.

On the edge of tradition

The majority of these public, official portraits follow the traditional pattern. The artists, who are familiar with the imagery of portraits, are often experts in traditional expression.

As an art form, a portrait seeks to portray the key characteristics, background, personality or goals of its subject. A portrait seeks to depict the most important and respected aspects of the individual as well as the importance of their social status, giving a face to the values and valuations of each era.

Exploring our history

Researcher and Docent Mervi Kaarninen has written brief descriptions of the individuals portrayed. Her characterisations highlight the social perspective and the challenges of each era.

The website of the portrait gallery invites you to enjoy the exhibition and explore the history of our University through prominent figures.

The artists’ information is available at the top of each portrait. The portraits were photographed by Jonne Renvall.

Juha Merta
Chair of the Arts Council of the University of Tampere