Calm rector of the relocation years

Armas Nieminen

Rector 1957–1962, chancellor 1978–1984

The School of Social Sciences relocated from Helsinki to Tampere in 1960. Armas Nieminen was assigned the heavy and time-consuming duty of bearing responsibility for the relocation as the rector and resolving conflicts when part of the teaching staff wished to stay in Helsinki. Nieminen was a suitable person in this situation, being known for calmly making compromises in times of conflict.

Rector Nieminen chaired the design competition for the new university building. The inauguration of the current main building was celebrated in Tampere on 25 March 1961. Armas Nieminen was the first person to have the honour of bearing the insignia of the university’s rector: the blue cape donated by the Association of Bachelors of Social Sciences and the rector’s chain of office donated by the women’s committee of the University Association of Tampere.

Artist: Jouko Lapintie, 1976