Rector of the restless years

Eino Kuusi

Rector 1932–1935

The newly established School of Social Sciences switched rectors for the first time in 1932. The position of permanent rector was assumed by Eino Kuusi, a teacher of social policy.

Kuusi led the school during the Great Depression that saw both central government transfers and subsidies from the City of Helsinki being cut. Such unrest manifested as conflicts and disruptions among the students, who represented different political groups. As a teacher, Eino Kuusi was characterised as a severe and prim authority figure who, nevertheless, was fond of his students and ready to help them in every way.

Kuusi was one of the Finnish scientists who at one time worked as professors at the University of Tartu and contributed to the development of universities and the science community in Estonia. From 1928 to 1931, Eino Kuusi taught practical economics in Tartu. Over the course of a few productive years, he organised the School of Economics at the University of Tartu.

Artist: S. Lugerblau, 1950