Rector in difficult times

Jaakko Uotila

Rector 1969–1974

Jaakko Uotila was characterised as a democratic and innovative rector. His term as rector saw a heavy fight over the administrative reform of universities, which involved strikes and resulted in gaining student representation in university administrative bodies and the establishment of the tripartite body.

After his term as rector, Uotila gave an account of the administrative reform by saying that the rectors and professors of the universities in Finland had been forced to go on the defensive against the united forces of student radicals and the political elite. In order to form a united front and create a headquarters in this defensive battle, the Finnish Council of University Rectors was formed in 1969. It was chaired by Jaakko Uotila from 1970 to 1973.

Artist: Timo Vuorikoski, 1987