Instigator of major changes

Kaija Holli

Rector 2009–2015

Kaija Holli’s opening speeches for each academic year boldly outlined the university’s administration and science policy. Both the University of Tampere and the Finnish higher education scene soon came to realise that this was not just talk.

Holli’s term as rector saw the establishment of nine schools in place of departments and faculties. The degree programmes and postgraduate education were also renewed.

Holli also reinitiated discussion about merging the universities in Tampere. This change will be carried out at the beginning of 2019, when the new Tampere Universities community will start its activities.

After her term as rector, Kaija Holli, whose background is in medicine, has participated in the health and social services reform by looking into the educational needs of future professionals in the field of health care and social services, among other things.

Artist: Ritva Luukkanen, 2015