The prominent banker who cast the decisive vote

Rainer von Fieandt

Chairman of the Delegation 1951–1970

Rainer von Fieandt has been characterised as a prominent Finnish and Nordic banker who fought for the value of money and prudence in its use. He was invited to become a member of the administration of the School of Social Sciences in the 1950s due to the school’s financial difficulties. Von Fieandt met the expectations placed on him by succeeding in obtaining donations that brought relief to the school’s financial crisis the very next year.

The 1950s saw a debate over the location of the School of Social Sciences: whether to continue to operate in Helsinki or move to Tampere. During critical meetings of the delegation in late August 1956, Chair Rainer von Fieandt cast the decisive vote that settled the difficult debate over location. He voted for Tampere.

Artist: Fritila