Developer of the campus

Timo Lahti

Director of Administration 1983–2010

The director of administration at the University of Tampere has been tasked with building the university on a concrete level.
In the 1970s and 1980s, the university’s faculties were spread out across the city, and most of the premises were rented. This decentralisation made studying, teaching and administration difficult.

The Central Campus began to form with the completion of the Atalpa building in 1987, followed by the Pinni, Linna and Virta buildings. The present-day Central Campus is visible from afar, thanks to the skybridge connecting the main building on Kalevantie to Pinni B. From the skybridge opens a view of the city of Tampere. Lahti also worked hard to create and further develop the operational conditions for medical technology and biomedical sciences on the Kauppi Campus.

In 2010, Timo Lahti wrote: ‘The campus is almost complete.’

Artist: Timo Vuorikoski, 2006