Educator of writers

Viljo Tarkiainen

Chancellor 1947–1951

Professor Viljo Tarkiainen worked as a part-time teacher of aesthetics and history of literature at the School of Social Sciences for over 20 years (1926–1947).

Tarkiainen’s contribution to the School of Social Sciences is highlighted by the fact that he was already involved with the institution during its foundation, participating in its naming together with Leo Harmaja. At the time, they decided upon Civic College, a name that the institution bore until 1930.

The School of Social Sciences has been characterised as the writers’ college. In the 1920s and 1930s, it taught several well-known Finnish writers. When reminiscing about their student years, the writers particularly mentioned the literary courses taught by Viljo Tarkiainen.

Artist: Viljo Kojo, 1950