An active contributor in the municipal sector

Yrjö Harvia

Chair of the Board 1929–1947

Through Yrjö Harvia, the Civic College and School of Social Sciences gained practical expertise in the municipal sector. The first degrees awarded by the institution included a municipal degree, and those who completed it often became municipal officials.

Yrjö Harvia was a significant influencer in the development of municipal legislation and, above all, residential and regional policy in Helsinki. On his numerous study trips, Harvia familiarised himself with the administration and housing issues of European cities. He followed the trends in this field by participating in international conferences.

Harvia was a member of the Board of the School of Social Sciences from its early years. He served on the board for a long time, and chaired it from 1929 to 1947.

Artist: Christa Snellman (Eero Snellmann), 1952